I conduct my research at the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare at Mila and the Reasoning and Learning (RL) lab, McGill University. My supervisor is Prof. Doina Precup, co-director of RL lab and director of the DeepMind lab in Montreal. My research interests covers a mix of classical ML, deep learning, speech, physiological signal processing and tensor decomposition techniques.

I founded and lead AI Research at Ubenwa. The Ubenwa project is aimed at developing cry-based, low-cost tools for early diagnosis of conditions that affect the central and autonomic nervous systems in newborns. Our work is funded by generous grants from Mila, Ministère de l’Économie, et d’Innovation (MEI) de Québec, and District 3.

Latest News

05 July 2020: New blog post on applying for the Vanier doctoral scholarship.
15 June 2020: I am co-organising the Workshop on Machine Learning for Global Health at ICML 2020.